A letter from our Lead

Pastors Rusty and Victoria Railey

Dear Victory City Church Family:


I cherish this season with all my heart – the twinkling Christmas trees, the warmth of holiday gatherings, steaming cups of hot chocolate, and the spirit of generosity that seems to fill the very air we breathe. There is a quality about peace on earth and goodwill towards all that compels us to think about others more deeply than usual. In the coming weeks, I invite everyone to participate in our GIFT FOR THE KING CHRISTMAS OFFERING. Soon, the stores will bustle with eager shoppers searching for that perfect gift as the atmosphere becomes saturated with the essence of benevolence. One of my dearest traditions is offering gifts to my loved ones during Christmas, blessing my family and friends.


Years ago, I had a moment of revelation when I encountered Matthew 2:11, in which the story of the wise men's visit to the house of Jesus unfolded before me. The scriptures describe how the wise men prostrated themselves before infant Jesus, an act of worship followed by opening their treasure chests and presenting Him with gifts. While reading that passage in Matthew, I heard a soft, gentle voice ask me: "What gift will you bring Me this Christmas?" At that moment, I realized I needed to include Jesus in my gift-giving in many previous Christmases. My wife and I agreed that from that point forward, among all the gifts we bestow, the most exceptional offering would be reserved for THE KING OF KINGS: JESUS.


Over the past eighty-five years, we have witnessed our church blossom from a small gathering of people into a thriving and expanding community. Throughout this journey, we have spared no effort in our mission to help people grow in faith to experience VICTORY. This Special Christmas Offering will elevate our influence within our city, enhance the ministry to our congregants, and amplify our endeavors to reach out to those worldwide who have yet to embrace teaching of Jesus. A saying that resonates deeply with me: “If you want to live on, leave a legacy. Leave a mark on the world that is everlasting.” Remember that what we do for ourselves vanishes with us while what we do for others endures.


God has a plan for everyone and everything. That includes you, and it includes Victory City Church. Our church’s leadership has been engaged in fervent prayer, and we are thrilled to unveil our latest projects that will allow us to invest in a manner that will resonate across generations. Here are the initiatives that your GIFT FOR THE KING will help support:


• $50,000 – Fire Bible Missions Initiative. Bringing the Fire of God’s Word to Human Hearts around the world! Did you know that 1.1 billion people currently do not have a Bible in their language? The Fire Bible is a fullfeatured study Bible emphasizing the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Now available in 57 languages, it is the World’s #1 Pentecostal Study Bible. It also offers the reader a practical understanding and application of Scripture that leads to a solid foundation in God’s Word, a deeper relationship with Christ, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity.


• $50,000 – Equip. Mobilizing Christian leaders to transform the world! EQUIP, a not-for-profit organization founded by John C. Maxwell, specializes in providing Biblical leadership training and resources in international, academic, and urban communities. God provided a dream to see effective leaders fulfilling the Great Commission in every nation. In less than 20 years, over six million leaders were trained in every nation. Having touched every nation globally, EQUIP laid a foundation of Biblical servant leadership by training leaders connected to the Church. EQUIP is committed to the transformation of individuals, communities, and nations.


• $200,000 – Security Camera System & Infrastructure Update. Ensuring our families and children's safety and well-being remains an unwavering cornerstone of Victory City Church. Our solemn commitment is safeguarding all that God has entrusted to our care. With this in mind, we are dedicated to enhancing our security measures and providing a protective haven for our congregation. In line with this commitment, we are excited to announce our plans to install a comprehensive security camera system encompassing our church's interior and exterior. This undertaking will fortify our security infrastructure and offer a watchful eye over our premises to create a safer environment for all who gather within our sacred walls. Implementing this security camera system is an investment in the peace of mind for our congregants, especially our families and children. It is a step towards creating a space where they can worship, learn, and fellowship with the utmost confidence in their safety. This new system will be a powerful tool to deter potential security threats and provide valuable surveillance in the unlikely event of unforeseen incidents. We firmly believe this initiative aligns with our mission to create an atmosphere of love, faith, and protection within Victory City Church. We look forward to the positive impact this security camera system will have on our community and the peace it will bring to the hearts of our congregation members. Together, we are making strides in fortifying the foundation of our church and ensuring it remains a sanctuary of security and faith for all. We can only pull this off with your support.


Whether you give to the church regularly or attend on occasion, we ask you to consider contributing prayerfully to this massive undertaking. It is something we need our entire church community to help with. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Let me add, “And where there are no resources, the vision perishes.” Would you join my wife and me in partnering with us this Christmas season by giving a sacrificial financial gift to help us fund these projects? Every donation will help us accomplish the vision and allow us to move further, farther, and faster with this project. Here is how you can participate: On each of the remaining Sundays of 2023, we will receive the GIFT FOR THE KING CHRISTMAS OFFERING during our worship experiences.


Please know this is a gift offering over and above the tithes that we return to the Lord. If you prefer, you can mail your gift, drop it by during regular business hours, or give online anytime at www.victorycity.com/give and designate your gift as Gift For The King, or you can donate by texting the amount and the word CHRISTMAS to 815-552-8025. We aim to raise $300,000 in the Gift for the King Offering. Remember, no amount given is too small! Every dollar given will make an impact on eternity because of your generosity. The question is, will you be a part of the miracle that will take place?


We hope and pray you will partner with us! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say… Thank you in advance for giving over and above to make Victory City Church a solution-providing church! We declare that OUR BEST DAYS are AHEAD OF US! My wife and I, and our daughters, Ruthie and Vera, wish you and your family the most magnificent Christmas season as we partner together to help people grow in faith to experience victory!


Blessed to be your pastors,

Pastors Rusty and Victoria Railey